Cavity insulation grants

Cavity Wall Insulation Grants reduce UK energy bills!

The government’s Affordable Warmth scheme offers home owners and landlords the opportunity to obtain cavity wall insulation grants to help meet the costs of installing cavity wall insulation.

So is cavity wall insulation worth it, and are you eligible to receive a cavity insulation grant?

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What is cavity wall insulation, and is it worth it?

If your home feels cold or you’re paying high heating bills, then it is likely you will benefit from having cavity wall insulation.  Heat loss through walls can contribute as much as 30% of the entire heat loss from your house, leaving rooms feeling cold and heating bills costing more than they should.

Installing cavity wall insulation is the perfect way to combat this, and with cavity wall insulation grants available, it need not break the bank. Cavity wall insulation fills the gaps between layers of the wall in your property, filling the air space with a material that inhibits heat transfer.  The result is the reduction of heat loss, leading to a warmer house and reduced energy costs!

Installation of cavity wall insulation is not a simple DIY job and must be done by professionals who are trained and certified to carry the work out.  This is partly why it is such an expensive process when not using Government Eco Scheme Cavity Wall Insulation.  The work itself is incredibly tidy, with small holes drilled in to your walls to allow cavity insulation to be pumped in.  There are no large construction processes, no bulky machinery left in your garden – in fact, there is very little inconvenience at all.

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Government Cavity Wall Insulation Grants

Cavity wall insulation is a great thing to have in any home, a sound long-term investment that can lead to a warmer, cosier home and reduce heating bills for many years to come.  Paying this upfront cost for the work can be off-putting, or out of reach financially for many people.  That is where the Affordable Warmth Obligation comes in.

Securing government cavity wall insulation grants can help cover the cost of adding the insulation entirely, or at the very least contribute toward meeting a significant portion of the cost. This will help you to get a happier, warmer and more energy efficient home for a fraction of the cost – if any at all.

The Affordable Warmth scheme places an obligation on energy suppliers to help the government contribute toward installing cavity wall insulation at some of the most at risk residents and home owners across the UK.

Securing cavity wall insulation grants is not a painful process, as it can often be with government backed financial schemes.  Instead, you can apply in just a few minutes to see if you and your home is eligible to receive a cavity wall insulation grand today.

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Benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation Grants

If you’re successful in applying for a cavity wall insulation grant, then you can look forward to seeing your heating bills fall thanks to a much more efficient property.In addition to removing the high costs associated with installing cavity wall insulation, if you’re eligible to receive a grant then you will never have to pay this back.  Furthermore, the application you submit for the grant will also tell you if you’re eligible for other grants to help when it comes to heating your home, such as replacement boilers, loft insulation or other improvements to your home’s heating.

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