Loft Insulation Grants

Loft Insulation Grants

Applying for a loft insulation grants has never been easier or more accessible thanks to the Affordable Warmth scheme.  Having efficient loft insulation is vitally important in any house, not only to help keep the property warm, but also to create a greener property with lower energy bills.

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What is “Affordable Warmth”?

The government’s Affordable Warmth Obligation requires your energy supplier to help contribute toward part, or the full cost, of installing loft insulation in your property.  This contribution will come in the form of a loft insulation grant.

Affordable Warmth can also cover boiler replacement and repair, as well as other upgrades to your heating system that will help your house to become more energy efficient.  The scheme is in place to protect the most at risk home owners or tenants in the UK and is worth millions of pounds.

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Reasons to apply for a loft insulation grant

The prospect of applying for grants can often put people off doing so, but applying for a loft insulation grant under the Affordable Warmth scheme is incredibly straight forward.  You can fill out the application form in just a few minutes, and you quickly receive an answer as to whether you are eligible for the grant.

Government grants for loft insulation are non-repayable, so you are under no obligation to pay the grant back at any point. During the application process, you will also find out if you are eligible for any other grants from the Affordable Warmth Obligation, including help to repair or replace your boiler or other parts of your heating system.

Aside from an easy application process, it’s worth keeping in mind that securing a loft insulation grant can also bring other advantages.  For example, once your grant is secured and the insulation work completed, you should notice a reduction in your energy bills, owing to the fact you will need to use your heating much less thanks to the reduction of heat loss through your loft. In fact, it’s said that as much as 25% of the heat from any home can be lost due to a poorly insulated loft.

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Am I eligible for a loft insulation grant?

As with all government-backed grant schemes, there are some eligibility criteria that must be fulfilled by any applicant for a loft insulation grant.

Firstly, your property will be given an eco-assessment, allowing for analysis of the current heating and insulation set-up.  This will include style of house, type of walls (e.g. cavity) and information about your boiler.

Additionally, there may be some other criteria when applying for government grants for loft insulation.

Eligibility criteria includes:

  • You are the owner of your property, or you rent it privately and have the owner’s permission to do the work.
  • You are in receipt of one of a range of government benefits, including pension credit, child tax credit (income is £16,010 or less), working tax credit (income is £16,010 or less), income support, universal credit or income based jobseekers allowance.
  • There are also additional conditions in relation to certain benefits mentioned above.

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What will my loft insulation grant do for me?

If you are successful in receiving a loft insulation grant, work will be carried out on your property to bring the loft insulation up to the required standard.For loft insulation to be truly efficient, it is recommended that it should be:

  • At least 27mm thick
  • Made from heat-retaining fibre, such as cellular glass, mineral fibres or foamed plastic.

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