Roof insulation replacement

Thanks to the Affordable Warmth Obligation, a scheme put in place by the government, it is now possible to grants for roof insulation, including roof insulation replacement.

Many home owners do not realise when it is time to replace existing insulation that has been present for many years, or are put off by the high costs of doing so. This no longer needs to be the case, with government grants for roof replacement available to help fund this vital home improvement.

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Why do I need to replace roof insulation?

Over time, roof insulation can lose its efficiency and heat loss through your roof can increase once again.  Old roof insulation may appear to be thin, saggy and perhaps even falling apart.  If this is the case, then replacing your roof insulation is the ideal solution.

Refreshing your insulation is a great idea as it can prevent a huge amount of heat loss, thus reducing energy bills and making your home feel warmer and more comfortable to live in.  It can be a costly job though, and so the government roof insulation scheme can help contribute in part, or full, to the costs of roof insulation replacement.

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Grants for roof insulation

The Affordable Warmth Obligation that was created by the government puts the responsibility of paying for improvements to heating measures in properties at the feet of the ‘big six’ energy companies.  As a result, grants for roof insulation can now be obtained to help meet the costs of the roof insulation.

These grants are available to the most vulnerable, or ‘at risk’, home owners in the UK and help to reduce heating costs as well as keeping houses warm during the winter months.

Roof insulation grants are available for properties that use one of the following types of roof insulation:

  • Warm Roof Insulation Grants – Suitable for both flat roofs or the traditional pitched roofs, warm roof insulation cuts down on the risk of condensation forming between your external roof (i.e. tiles) and the internal insulating material. Without this, the condensation can cause mould or rot, both of which can be harmful to your health.
  • Room in Roof InsulationRoom in roof insulation is common for pitched roofs. Using this method, the insulation is installed between the beams of the roof, or rafters.

Through the Affordable Warmth Obligation, roof insulation grants are available to those home owners currently receiving certain government benefits, grants or whose income comes below a certain threshold.

Applying for roof insulation grants

Applying for government grants for roof replacement is quick and easy.  You can find out whether you qualify for a roof insulation grant by filling in the form on our website.  It takes only a couple of minutes to fill in, and once you have submitted it, we will be in touch to validate your eligibility.

By applying for roof insulation replacement grants, you will also find out whether you qualify for grants to help with the repair or replacement of your boiler, as well as other improvements to the heating system in your home.

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