Storage heaters grants

Storage Heater Grants

If you’re looking to turn your home greener, you may well be eligible for storage heater grants thanks to the Affordable Warmth Obligation.

The government implemented the Affordable Warmth Obligation so that energy companies would have to help pay for turning homes more energy efficient.  For homeowners and landlords, this means that you could see either the full cost, or part of the cost, for new storage heaters met through storage heater grants.

In addition to the storage heater grants, if you’re eligible to receive these you may also find out that you’re eligible for other energy-efficient grants through Affordable Warmth, such as loft insulation or room roof insulation.

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What are storage heaters?

Storage heaters are domestic electric heaters that run off a normal mains supply, and thanks to Affordable Warmth scheme, can be funded with storage heater grants.They store heat energy during the night when the electricity required to run them is often cheaper and then release the heat throughout the day to keep homes warm.  They’re incredibly popular not only due to the fact that they’re relatively economical when in good working order, but they can also be installed just about anywhere where there is mains electricity.

They’re clean, reliable and require very little maintenance, meaning they are perfect for most homes that are looking to become more energy efficient.

Homes that are on the Economy 7 tariff will have their electricity charged at different costs depending on the time of the day it’s used.  For example, using electric off-peak (i.e. at night) can often be two thirds cheaper than during the day.  This means that storage heaters can save homes on the Economy 7 tariff a lot of money by using electricity at night, but dispelling the heat during the day.

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Replacing existing storage heaters

Many homes are fitted with traditional storage heaters. These are often not very reliable or economical, certainly not when compared to their modern counterparts. Storage heater grants are available to replace these old style storage heaters with modern appliances, thus reducing energy costs and providing a more efficient heating mechanism.New storage heaters will also cut the carbon emissions produced by the older style heaters.  Only homes that already have storage heaters installed are eligible for the storage heater grants which will effectively pay to replace them.  This falls in line with the aim of Affordable Warmth which is to assist those people considered most ‘at risk’ in the UK with cutting energy costs and keeping them warm all year round.

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Am I eligible for a storage heater grant?

As noted above, the first criteria you must fulfil to be eligible for the storage heater grants is that you must already have them in your home.By enquiring with us today, we can check your eligibility for storage heater grants, and then will also be able to tell you if you qualify for any other types of grants available through Affordable Warmth.  Fill out the form on our website today to check your eligibility and get on the path to a warmer, cheaper home today.

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